Metropolitan School of Business & Management

MSBM offers you a powerful new way to learn online. Every course has been designed according to the principles of effective learning.


  • First to serve the $30B online private markets with data & analytics.
  • $2.2M+ raised to date from 2,100+ investors.
  • Experienced 20X YoY revenue growth in 2020.
  • Serving 350,000+ retail investors and thousands of paying customers.
  • Patent-pending AI-driven startup rating algorithm.

There is a massive skill gap in the workplace.

In Africa, quality education is often the lottery ticket to a better life. The right kind of education can lead to upward mobility in many ways. Armed with the right educational background, we've seen Africans break into massive global discussions in their jobs and businesses across the world.


Talent transformation tailored to today's workplace needs.

Education is important for its societal impact, and since people form societies, they are critical stakeholders in the education system. The traditional means of education delivery have proven to be ineffective and with COVID-19 acting as a catalyst for the boom in digital transformation across sectors, we take a look at the biggest brand in ed-tech in Africa, and how EdTech is growing and thriving through accessibility and necessity.

With over 450,000 learners in 18 months, the Metropolitan School Of Business and Management reached a new milestone in global representation for the ed-tech industry in Africa. This sure cements her position as one of the biggest ed-tech companies in Africa.





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